BlackBerry Blend update

BlackBerry Blend heeft een nieuwe update in de BlackBerry Beta zone. Het gaat hier om Blackberry Blend 1.2 beta 2 met de volgende update en aanpassingen in het Engels.

Here’s what’s new in Beta 2:

  • Secure document viewing for Work activated devices
  • Instant-reply in Blend notifications: reply to BBM and SMS in the notification window
  • Spell Check: because hour emals wer geting preety baad
  • Intelligent Assistant: perform a universal search of your entire BlackBerry in the Blend client
  • Stability Improvements: fixed some crashes and connectivity issues
  • Performance Improvements: fixed some laggy spinners and improved loading times
  • Dashboard update: you can now fetch more data in the dashboard app
  • Navigation changes: an improved design to the left side menu, based on Beta Zone feedback