KEYone ervaringen

De eerste ervaringen zijn al te vinden en op crackberry was iemand met de naam Nahadoth die enorm verrast was door de kwaliteit van het toestel. Hieronder wat hij melde  in het Engels.

This phone is absolutely gorgeous.

I'm coming from the Passport (as you can see in my pics below), and first thing I noticed is that this phone is quite light, maybe I didn't realize how heavy the Passport was but this phone feels amazing in the hand and the rubber back gives a fantastic feel.

The bezels between keyboard rows look like bright steel which is a nice touch compared to the Passport's.

Screen is gorgeous and crisp.

About the keyboard - I love that you can type numbers and symbols now without needing to type on the glass.

Also, ofc, love the keyboard scrolling, but it feels like the space bar is not part of the scrolling interface, so need to scroll sort of along the sides around space bar (i.e. left side or right side) if you like doing the full scrolling motion vertically.

Keys feel a littler more plasticky than passport, but I doesn't bother me. The keys on Keyone also have a more "snappier" response than the Passport's which is nice. And I like the "resting" areas on the bottom left and bottom right where there are no keys.

About the browser - I'm missing the Blackberry browser already LOL where I could zoom in and out just by swiping my thumbs on the keyboard, and also miss the shortcuts like pressing "B" to go to bottom of page, or "R" for reader mode. I'm hoping there is a separate app available for the BB browser

But overall, REALLY loving this phone. And although Passport will have a special place in my heart, it did get a bit frustrating at times when there were certain apps you wanted to run..

Andere gebruikers melden dat het toestel geen stereo speakers heeft en dat de keyboard een fijne weerstand heeft. Het installeren van het toestel doet veel denken aan het installeren van BlackBerry 10 en gaat erg makkelijk. In de doos zit een quick charger en headset met BlackBerry logo.