ZINQS BB10 Launcher for Android

So you wanted back some gesture-swipe from BlackBerry 10 then ZINQS BB10 launcher for your Android Motion or KEYone then download this app from the google store. I read this first in the CB forum and now it seems out of beta.

the app features :
• Blackberry OS 10 style interface
• Switch between OS 10 versions
• Blackberry Hub integration
• Blackberry Hub Peeking feature from most screens
• Drawer icons just like blackberry 10
• Search interface with blackberry familiarity
• Program icons like Blackberry 10 style
• Widgets support
• Home screen with shortcuts to programs
• Notification indication for all the shortcuts



Still there are some bugs and on some android devices.  The icons seems to pushed away from the right side of the screen but it looks good on the BlackBerry KEYone but it gives me errors and that made this launcher not workable. Still  it looks really promising