BlackBerry KEYone Gets Permanent $50 Price Cut In The US

If the BlackBerry KEYone is a handset that you’ve been eyeing and aren’t sure if you should get it, you might be interested to learn that the phone has since been permanently discounted by $50. This means that instead of $549.99, you will only have to pay $499.99, which for some might be a good enough discount to make them purchase it.

However it should be noted that so far only two retailers in the US are selling the handset at its discounted price, which is Amazon and Best Buy, but according to CrackBerry, BlackBerry has sent out emails to customers that this will be the new price moving forwards and it isn’t some kind of short-term sale.

We’re not sure why BlackBerry has decided to discount the handset, but given that we’re creeping up to its one year anniversary, perhaps BlackBerry is trying to unload their inventory to make space for a potentially new handset. So far there have been no announcements regarding new BlackBerry phones (the latest was the BlackBerry Motion launched late last year), but with MWC coming up perhaps we might see something new.

In any case for fans who aren’t too fussed about having the latest technology, the KEYone at $499.99 does make for a pretty compelling purchase.